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(nostalgia critic voice) welcome to the mind fuck

(mind brand beat drop)

hey, i'm catch (they/them), back with another version of this site for god-knows how many times at this point. this site will essentially be dedicated to whatever i want it to be, from rambling about life to showcasing my artworks to showing off my cd collection and more.

if you wanna know more about me, then feel free to head to the about page. i've also got my blog on the rambles page, art in the gallery page, whole pages dedicated to things i like on the shrines page, and links to other sites i'm on in the links page.

as a side note, this blog will pretty much always be under construction in one way or another so expect some 404 links, empty-looking pages, and just some general unfinished codejanks. coding is not something i do frequently (especially compared to drawing), but i would like to try and make this site look more "complete" in 2024.

link me here (old button, new one coming soon :3c):